REET के जरिए ही भरे जाऐंगे 55,000 3rd Grade अध्यापक पद

By | April, 2018

REET के जरिए ही भरे जाऐंगे 55,000 3rd Grade अध्यापक पद REET Teacher Level 1st & Level 2nd Upcoming Vacancy 2018 REET Exam Rajasthan Teacher Recruitment

REET के जरिए ही भरे जाऐंगे 40,000 3rd Grade अध्यापक पद

REET के जरिए ही भरे जाऐंगे 40,000 3rd Grade अध्यापक पद

1. What kinds of teaching materials are most useful in social sciences?
(A) model (B) Museum
(C) Drawing tool (D) view-audible Samagrri
2. Is the first district in Nadu of 0.6 years as per Rajasthan Census 2011?
(A) Banswara (B) Jhunjhunun (C) Pratapgarh (D) Jaipur
3. Where are the district coins found in Rajasthan?
(A) Sambar-Jaipur (B) Nagar-Uniara; Tonk
(C) Nagri-Chittorgarh (D) above all
4. According to the capital Mahabharata of extent prefecture-
(A) Biratnagar (B) Hastinapur (C) Mrittikavati (D) Avanteeka
5. Was the first session of the Indian National Congress?
(A) Allahabad (B) Bombay (C) Kolkata (D) Nagpur
6. Merger of Bikaner Homestead at which stage-
(A) v (B) IV (C) III (D) II
7. Where is the Jain temple of Naugaja in Rajasthan?
(A) Sariska in (B) Badmer in (C) Jhalawar in (D) Ranthambhore
8. Damhoh waterfall in Rajasthan which is natural, in which district?
(A) Dausa (B) Jaipur (C) Chittorgarh (D) Dholpur
9. What month Mauni Moon come up?
(A) Magh in (B) in Karthik (C) in Ashwin (D) in Falgun
10. When comes the Chandrabhaga fair –
(A) Kartik Purnima (B) Kartik Amavasya
(C) Vaishakh Purnima (D) Chaitra Purnima
11. What is the figure built on paper-
(A) Kavad (B) shared (C) HID (D)
12. Asumelit Combinations-
(A) Pilgrim Ratnakar-Anant Bhatt (B) Natural light-poet Nekaram
(C) MFP Vilas-Maniram (D) Amar poetry-Ranachod Bhatt
13. Who are the most native tourist places in the state?
(A) in Ajmer (B) Mount Abu (C) Jodhpur (D) Alwar
14. Has the Indus Valley been the most civilised site?
(A) in Rajasthan (B) in Gujarat (C) in Punjab (D) in Haryana
15. The people in the Indus Valley imported the most of the object
(A) of wheat (B) clothed
(C) of dhatu and precious gemstones (D) of foodgrains
16. United family featuring who is not –
(A) Pusht intensification (B) Sahabhojita
(C) supplementing original family (D) participation in property
17. The practice is called Sati-
(A) Sahamaran (B) Sahagaman (C) Anvarohan (D) above all
18. When did the state Women’s Commission constitute-
(A) in 1992 (B) 1999 in (C) 2001 in (D) 2005 in
19. The atmosphere of cities from migration-
(A) is polluted (B) is monotonous
(C) Suvidhapuurn happens (D) Khushapuurn
20. There was a coin for the prevailing regulations at Maurya period
(A) (B) dollar (C) Rupee (D) Gage
21. Who was the founder of Vedanta-
(A) Kapil (B) Badarayana (C) Patanjali (D) Jaimini
22. Which district of Rajasthan produces tungsten-
(A) in Nagore (B) in Udaipur (C) in Bhilwara (D) in Jodhpur
23. Tripartite struggles whose time has ended-
(A) Harsha (B) Mahipal (C) Nagabhatt II (D) Vatsaraj
24. Who were the gurus of Redas –
(A) Ramanand (B) Vallabha (C) Ramanujacharya (D) Shankaracharya


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